Saturday, March 28, 2009

Late Night Update With Rain Thunderstorms And Snow! We Have It All!!!!!

OK I just wanted to check in one last time tonight then I can give my finger a rest like we talked about in the last post! Typing is not helping it much! I know I know it is just a finger so STOP complaining! lol I agree! :o)

Here is what I'M expecting for today into tomorrow / Sunday.

We will be tracking rain and some stray thunderstorms today. We will see the rain start in sometime after 2:pm this afternoon and it will be an off and on deal. Thunderstorms will try to move in a little later on this evening sometime around four or five pm this evening. Now again like I said before we are in the slight risk for severe weather today however it looks like the main areas to see the severe weather will stay to our south around KY, and those areas. We still could see a stray thunderstorm as well as Indianapolis. So we will as always watch this system closely and I will be popping in through out the day with updates as needed. Right now I think our main threats will be Heavy Rain and a few gusty winds at times are possible. Now good news is we are not seeing any flooding now and we are not expecting to which is very good news! We could see a few gusty winds today later on this evening between 15 and 20 mph with a few gusts to 30 mph possible. And rainfall is currently looking between a Quarter inch to a Half inch possible. I will say that one model is showing the chance for a possible Three quarters of an inch so we could see local higher amounts in storms!

As for the snow we all have been talking about yesterday here is the latest on that. I do see the rain trying to change over to snow later on early Sunday morning. However most if not all of the WLFI viewing area will most likely see nothing to a dusting on the ground. I have checked out all the maps I have, Even the 540 line which is a map I like to use when forecasting snow, And also the QPF which is showing our area around 1 which is around a dusting. As we head up north and west they still have the better chance for an inch to (Maybe) Two inches. This is around Gary Indiana. I think even the Remington, area will stay around the dusting. Now if you go more to the west way over to IL, then the amounts will keep going up! Travel will be harder and more dangerous so be sure to allow some extra time if headed that way!

This system has it all that is for sure with snowstorms and severe weather! Indiana is a GREAT place to forecast and being here all my life I have to say it never gets boring in the least bit! there is always something going on and something to talk about!

Now I'M going to try to get some rest as well as you all should so we can be up and ready to go here on the Indiana Weather Blog by the time the rain moves in! I will be here with another update later on this afternoon so again (Be sure to check back) I will see you soon. Have the rain gauges out and ready and be sure to send in any weather pictures if you have any and I will post them!

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