Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Last update for the night! We will be rainy as you head out this morning!

OK last update for tonight!

We are in that slight risk for severe weather today however I myself still think the worst and strongest will be in MO, and South IL, areas. However again we will not let our guard down here at home as we will still see the Strong winds which could again blow tree limbs down and cause some problems. As well, as that rainfall! which will need to be watched closely as well.

Things have changed a little bit for the better! I'M now looking for rainfall to be around an inch and a quarter in most areas however I will not rule out some local higher amounts to two inches just yet! This is for the WLFI viewing area.

We will see maybe a few rumbles in the morning as some of you head out but nothing severe! As of now midnight most of this rain looks to be staying to our north which is another reason why I have cut back some of our total rainfall. However we will still keep that chance for a few rain and rumbles in the morning! The strongest storms will hold off until this afternoon to evening. Where we will still see some Gusty winds to 40 maybe 45 mph at times. Some possible small hail in some storms. and flooding is still a threat as we are expected to crest around 21ft on Thursday.....We are much better with this current less expected rainfall so that is some good news. But it is just getting started! I will have updates for you through the storms today as needed. So check back soon.

If you have any Weather pictures then you can send them to me at storm18mini@aol.com and I would love to post them! Stay dry and stay safe this morning as you head out.....

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