Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Starting the morning with a few rumbles.....

Hey good morning! We heard a quick rumble so far that did not last long but a rumble non the less. We also have been seeing some Heavy rainfall with just over a half inch already! Still today with the main line of thunderstorms main threats are still looking like Flooding as we are expected to be at 21ft on Thursday! We are at around 19.25ft now. With rainfall around an inch to two inches today when all is said and done. right now I still think the worse of the thunderstorms will stay in south parts of IL, and in MO, with maybe southern Indiana in some good boomers.

And still that chance for gusty winds with winds expected to gust to near 40 mph today as well. We can look for that main line of thunderstorms with that cold front later on this afternoon to evening! If you pull up a radar you can see the line of rain trying to take form right now down around TX, and OK, areas.

We will still watch things closely to be safe and to stay on top of things but right now things do look a lot better then they did last night! And I think our severe weather threat has gone WAY DOWN! Flooding is now the main threat! Otherwise we do look better. Still be ready to hear thunder today. But severe wise things are looking Much better. I will keep popping in through out the day so be sure to check back for more updates! ;o) Thank goodness we are looking better! Now we still need to watch again just to be safe and really still watch the area rivers!

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