Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Storms About To Move In.....Will Be Watching The Rivers This Week.

Quick Cast..................................

Well, We seen a good amount of rain last night here in the Lafayette, area As I had .66" inches at 11:pm. Yes, we will add on to this amount today and we also have Flood watches and warnings all over the area! Yes, we are expected to hit flood stage today at around 11FT and we will crest on Tuesday somewhere around 18FT. Which is a good 8FT above flood stage! We will just have to keep watching this as we get closer.

Now for the Thunderstorms Today..........
We will see rain as most are heading out this morning and the slight chance for a few rumbles but nothing big or bad. We will see the better chance for storms as we go into this afternoon around noon or 1:pm. This is when we will be most unstable. I think the best chances for stronger storms will be between Noon and 4:pm. Currently I'M not thinking this will be a really bad storm. No we are not in the clear so never let your guard down as I still do look for rainfall to reach that inch to an inch and a half possible with some low land flooding possible. Also around a 15% chance for small hail as well as some Gusty winds. I look for the winds to be between 20 and 30 mph with gusts to 35 mph maybe a little higher around 38 to 40 mph Gusts in storms. With the (Lift Index) being around -2.10 tonight I don't think we will see real bad storms. Still some good boomers so don't get me wrong but I think we will keep tornadoes around that 2% mark. And the real Bad weather will be in the KY, and TN, areas. As for Indiana I think the stronger stuff will be down around south of I70 around areas like Bloomington, Vincennes, and areas around their.

So main things to look for today will be Gusty Winds, Possible Small Hail, And Heavy Down pours.....And as always Lightning.....So please remember your Lightning safety tips!
Currently a lot of people are a little worried about Tuesday's chance for storms. Well, at this time I think we could see some stronger storms on Tuesday! We will watch this closely so we can stay on top of things. This as of now will be the better chance for strong storms this week. However we will talk more about this and really time it all out as we get closer for now lets just get through this storm! We don't want to get ahead of ourselves.....:o)

Be sure to check back for updates today as the storms push through! I will do my best to keep you posted..........Also send in your weather storm pictures if you can and I will be happy to share!

I'M going to get some sleep! I will catch you all again here later on today! I will be here you can count on it! ;o) I just need to be rested up!!!!!

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