Wednesday, March 18, 2009


OK here is the latest! By looking at the radars and watching them closely we in the Lafayette areas look to be missing out on the heavy rains tonight! Again this is great news for our area rivers. We will still see a few light rain showers but I'M not even seeing anything heavy for Lafayette at this time.

Areas on Montgomery, county will see the heavy rains off and on this evening as well as a few thunder rumbles possible. I have been picking up lightning strikes in the south part of our great state around Indianapolis IN, and south. This is again where they will see the heaviest rains and the thunder. Even for these parts nothing is severe. Which is more good news!

So any rain for the Lafayette area should stay on the lighter side with less then a quarter inch!

I will check in if needed. For once we miss out with a nice gift from nature!! ;)

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