Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Severe threat is looking less!

Here there I'M back with another update! and things are looking GREAT! I still feel good about missing out on the strong storms today. That slight risk for severe weather we was in the morning has now been lifted however not for all just yet! A few of our southwest counties are still in it from around Fountain County southwest. However I think the severe weather if any will stay south of Fountain County. in IL, and MO, just like we talked yesterday!

Still we will see some thundershowers today between the time of 7:pm and midnight. We already have seen .54" inches of rainfall here in Lafayette from the thundershowers we seen this morning. And I'M expecting our final rainfall total to be between and inch and a quarter to maybe an inch and a half possible. I think the main things we will have to watch out for will be (Flooding) as one of our main threats at this time. We currently stand around 19.28ft and are expected to crest on Thursday around 21ft. This is moderate flood stage and if you live by the rivers be ready to move to higher ground. And also we may see some gusty winds at times to 35 mph with that real slight chance we could see gusts to 40 mph. This would be between 7:pm and midnight. Right now the southern part of our great state has the better chance of seeing gusts to 40 mph.

I will check back as needed.


Brow said...

Hey bud! Didn't realize that you had a weather blog too! (adds to bookmarks)

Yeah sorry if I come across as a weirdo sometimes...I just try to add humor to everything. :)

Justin said...

Hey I enjoy your posts! You seem like you have a great sense of humor!

It's good to add humor to things! ;)

Love your T-shirt look for the picnic! Looking forward to that.....

Yep I have had this blog from last July! Just did a little fixing up on it.....

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin, I like the new look, did you do bold and large print for us old folks LOL!

Hey Brow, glad you found Justins blog! I have found it about a month ago!


Justin said...

Thank you Teri but no not for old people! LOL :p :)Gee

I'M still messing with it when I have time!

Getting ready to post another update!