Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Severe weather risk going back and forth however we are still looking good with some Scattered storms on the way.

Update as of 5:10pm

We will still see some of what is looking like Scattered thunderstorms this evening! I have looked through the latest models once again and everything is still looking on track as our CAPE value and Lift Index are still low. Lift Index or (LI) is still only around -1. This is enough to support some thunderstorms but currently I still look for the strongest to be in south IL, and for Indiana the Southern parts. Even though the severe weather risk is going back and forth over our area I still look for main threats to be some strong wind gusts as times to 35 (Maybe) 40 mph. And still the biggest threat being Flooding. We will keep watching the rivers closely as we head into tonight. If you have any pictures you can send them to me at storm18mini@aol.com and I will post them.

Still look for the main line of storms between 7:pm tonight and Midnight. We will watch things closely just to keep all updated and posted but for now just some Scattered thunderstorms tonight and some gusty winds with heavy rainfall. For Lafayette total and final rainfall looks to be around an inch or just over.

I will check back as needed through this evening..........

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