Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thunder Thunder Thunder.....

Yes, what a wake up call to thunderstorms. Most would like to stay in bed and hear that thunder but not me! Thunder means I have to get up and moving on tracking the weather! Well, here's what I'M expecting for today!

I think for the rest of this morning we will only be seeing this heavy rain and a little thunder. Not anything severe at this time we will save that for this afternoon.

As we head into around noon or 1:pm we will start to see that line of storms push through along with that cold front. Yes, as you know the cold front is what will be bringing this storm. Here is what I think will be that main threats along with this line of storms to come!

I have been looking through the maps and I have seen the Lift Index is still around that -2.10 Mark. So again like I said last night I would not say we are in the clear as some strong storms at times will be possible this afternoon. I think we will keep Tornadoes at around a 5% chance. Hail is very possible with a much better 30% chance so look for some small hail in storms. And wind even more likely with looking like a good 45% chance! Yes the winds have gone up I think we could see winds between 20 and 30 mph today with gusty pushing 50 mph in storms possible! And last but not least some possible low land flooding is also likely..... Which like we talked about last night we already have those flood watches and warnings out around the area.

SO main front and line of storms will be between 1:pm and 5:pm and the gusty winds will be likely between 1:pm and 11:pm tonight!

I will check back through out the day!

Stay tuned.........

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