Thursday, April 2, 2009

Checking In With A PC Update And Now Blog Troble?!?! Ugh Still Hanging In There!!!!! :)

Hey everybody, I do have my pc it' self working at this time which is GREAT news however I'M still having some problems with my blogger account meaning that I cannot seem to log into it with my PC, I think I know what it is and I hope it will be working by at least tomorrow / Friday. If not then things could be slow on the blog for awhile and I hope that does not happen. If that is to happen I will still be posting blogs like normal I just will not be able to do frequent updates through out the day like I like to do in storms. Anyway I will see you all here again later on tonight so be sure to check back! Thank you for hanging in there with me and please just give it time and I will be back up and going strong! Thanks again!

Real quick I will tell you we are not expecting to see any severe weather today just some possible thundershowers at times and rainfall that will be pushing an inch and a half at a possible inch and a quarter expected! This is a lot of rain. We are not in the slight risk for severe weather at this time which is good news. After looking at all the weather models our CAPE values are low and it is looking like the severe storms will stay south around Indianapolis and south east of Indy. Still we will watch things closely just to be safe but for now main threats will be the Heavy rainfall and maybe some gusty winds at times to 30 - 35 mph.

We will start to clear out on Friday afternoon with Partly cloudy skies and hopefully I will be up and running (with the blog I mean!) :)

I will check back soon..........Thanks for hanging with me!

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