Friday, April 17, 2009

Sunny 70s Before The Scattered Rain!

WOW I cannot believe how things have been!! This has been a wild (BUSY) week! I'M sorry for not updating as much as I usually do.. I'M doing the best I can and I think you for sticking with me.. I have even more work to get done with this nice weather we have today!! But first I wanted to try to pop in and give a quick update! So let's get to it..........

First off take a look at the picture above! Do you know what this means????? That's right "Get the lawn mowers ready" (Get Ready) (Get Set) (GO!!) LOL. Yes, our back yard is getting long and it is just about time to start mowing. I have been hearing people all over mowing there lawn's this past week and this is just what I have to do today! Only not my little yard. I'M heading out to my aunts today to mow the BIG yard. It is some were around a Half acre or so. Well, at least I can have some fun on the ride mower YA lol :p I wonder how fast I can get it to go?!?! :D Ha Ha.....I did however find a little time to play some ball with my boy Dobby. He has been a real sport!!You can see he is ready to go! LOL.. I will take him out to my aunts big yard with me today so he can run around and get nice and pooped by the time he comes back home! ;) That sounds good..........Now how about the weather?

You are going to love this forecast.. Well, at least the first few days that is!

I'M calling for a high today around 72* degrees!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? 72*? It's true! And to make it even better we will see Sunny Sunny Sunny skies all day long... We could not ask for a better looking forecast that is for sure! And we will see another rather nice day tomorrow.. I think we could hit around 72* once again only this time we will start out with some partly cloudy skies and then slowly see the clouds move in later on in the day.

I do see rain back in our forecast as much as I hate to say it with all this nice weather getting us all pumped up!! Our next chance for rain is on Sunday. We will see some off and on rain showers however we will keep storms out for now! I know you all always like to hear this. :) We will be seeing off and on rain or scattered showers from Sunday through Tuesday so I would get out and really ENJOY this nice weather today and tomorrow while you can. I will be out doing a lot of Yard work that is today along with the rest of the family. We will keep it fun and then come home and just relax!!! That is something I could really use right now lol. I like to say "Work Before Play" Or in this case "Work Before Relaxing"

Have a great day Fellow Bloggers. Thanks again for everything and making this a fun Blog to have! I will see you soon. Now Work Calls! ;)

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Brow said...

3 minutes left until I can clock out and go home! Gonna try to enjoy whats left of the sunshine!