Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update At 11:30AM!!

As you can see above we will also be watching the rivers very closely this week as we are expected to crest on Friday sometime around 8:pm at around 14.9ft. This is almost four feet above flood stage! We do have flood warnings out around the WLFI viewing area so I will continue to keep you posted on this as well..

Now we are seeing this cold front move into Iowa at this time and you can also see that the line is already starting to take shape along that front. This is what is heading our way still by around 7:pm this evening! We have already picked up over .80" inches of rain here in Lafayette and still raining. Now yesterday the models was showing the chance for a few quick peaks of sun however the current satellite images are saying different! It is looking like we will stay with this cloud cover which will help to keep us more stable which is what we need to miss out on the worst! Right now it is looking like we will see Heavy rainfall between three quarters to an inch and a quarter in this next line of rain. Expect locally higher amounts in thunderstorms. Still main threat's will be gusty winds to 35 - 40 mph outside of thunderstorms. Small hail is still a 15% chance and cannot be ruled out. And I'M keeping tornadoes at that 5% mark! And then Lightning as with any is a threat!! I still look for the worst to stay in IL and south west of us! Still we will watch out for some scattered to moderate thunderstorms with some severe (still) possible with this line!! We will continue to stay on top of this with more updates here soon! It sounds like you all already are on top of things!! ;)


Brow said...

Awesome thanks for yet another update. Yeah that is good news about the sun not getting a chance to stir things up for us...this always seems to help quit a bit.

Anonymous said...

Great news! I am still nervous though and will be till it's over!! I can't help it. Even the slightest possibility of severe weather scares me.
It's been raining non-stop here in Frankfort for some time. Some ponding on roadways is occurring at this time. And a few rumbles of thunder as well.

As a little side note I found this site that shows where some storm chasers are that I thought I would share:

You can watch their live feed too. Pretty neat :-) And of course there are quite a few of them in IL.

Brow said...

Hey thats an awesome link! I never knew it existed! :)

Just as long as those guys stay over there, its good. Hehhehe. Obviously, they are over there for a reason...stay out of Indiana please! :D