Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quick Cast Blog Cast.......... More Rain To Talk About?

Just checking in with your quick cast blog cast for today and Thursday's weather outlook!! We did see our little bit of rain yesterday evening however it was light and scattered few and far between! I'M really sorry about these short quick blog post this week however I thank you for sticking with me! Really! Now lets get to your forecast!
Today we are looking for some more scattered rain showers across the area. However scattered is the key word in this forecast! Not everyone will see rain! Now as we head into the evening / night time hours we will have a slightly better chance at some rain showers with some thunder not ruled out just yet! This will be nothing severe so no worries there! ;] Temperatures will be mild in the low 80s once again.

Thursday we are looking at some possible left over showers in the early early morning hours however as we head into the late morning as well as that afternoon we will start to notice the sky clearing up and becoming more Partly cloudy across he WLFI viewing area! This will make for a wonderful Summer day! With highs looking to be in the middle to upper 80s.
Above is a look at today's Prog Chart. You can see that the reason for this slow moving pop up rainfall is because of this stalling front over our area. Once this front passes by Thursday we will start to dry out and look much better! I think after today / tonight we will keep it dry for the rest of this week. However our next chance st some more possible rainfall to move into our area will be closer to this weekend! We will talk a little more about that as it gets closer!

Until then I'M going to go get some sleep! I will check back soon..........

Thanks Again! Weather Bloggers ROCK! ;]

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