Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quick Cast With The Forecast "Focus"

I'M putting together a blog update with a look into the first week of October which will be posted here tomorrow. For now here is a quick cast blog cast below. We have some rain back in the forecast along with the chance at some scattered thundershowers by Friday! But hows the weekend?

Today. We will see some Partly cloudy to mostly clear skies over the WLFI viewing area. I look for highs to be in the low to middle 60s with lows falling into the middle 40s. The cool nights are upon us!

Thursday. Will be another day of Partly cloudy skies however I look for clouds to be on the increase by later on that evening / that night. We will also see some rain showers try to move in later on that night into Friday. We will look for highs to be slightly warmer around the middle to upper 60s. Lows will fall into the low 40s. Around 41* degrees.

Forecast Focus
Friday. Is when things will be watched closely as we will see another frontal system move into the area bringing a line of scattered rain / thundershowers possible. It is still to far away to call for any strong storms so at this time we will just continue to keep a close eye on things. And you know I will keep you posted! Temperatures this week into the weekend will range between middle 60s to low 70s. I don't see any big warm ups for a little while.

The weekend. Saturday I cannot rule out a few light light scattered showers possible. At this time it is around a 30% chance. I would not cancel any plans just yet! We see these forecast change all the time. So as we get closer I will have another look into your weekend forecast. Sunday is looking dry.

I will check back soon..........

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Anonymous said...

hey guys, i travel 50 miles to work (stupid yeah… looking for another job…) anyway im just wondering would you recommend me driving all that way at 3.30am? i travel from preston to liverpool airport….i cant seem to find a decent site with readable weather!!!