Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!

Happy October 1st everyone! October

Crispy air and azure skies, High above, a white cloud flies, Bright as newly fallen snow.Oh the joy to those who know October!

Colors bright on bush and tree.Over the weedy swamp, we seeA veil of purple and brown and gold.Thy beauty words have never told. October!

Scolding sparrows on the lawn, Rabbits frisking home at dawn, Pheasants midst the sheaves of grain, All in harmony acclaim, October!

Brown earth freshly turned by plow, Apples shine on bended bough, Bins o'erflowed with oats and wheat, And satisfaction reigns complete. October!

Radiant joy is everywhere.Spirits in tune to the spicy air, Thrill in the glory of each day.Life's worth living when we say, October!

Joseph Pullman Porter

Now I don't know if that gets you all in the mood for this wonderful month of fresh air, Cool crisp nights, Beautiful colors of the trees, Or the morning frost, but it sure sums everything up don't ya think? :) Well, believe it or not we have already seen some frost advisories out for areas just to the north and east of the WLFI viewing area last night! And you know what that means don't you? Yes, it means our first frost is not far away! We will be seeing night in the LOW 40s for the next few days however I see some nights dropping into the upper 30s by next week! You can count down the days til our first frost. Summer has gone by fast without a doubt. But I'M ready for October, November, and December. My favorite months! Now to some of you October is just the start of a Cold and Snowy mess! Right? Well, to keep your mind off of all that I had someone asking earlier yesterday in an older post about wolly worms. Here is what they had to say below.


Lori said...
I was walking in Marion, IN Matter Park and saw a pure white woolly worm (with only a black line down his back. What does that mean, if anything?

First off thank you Lori, for sending in this picture above. Well, I did find out a little more about them. Here is a little something below, See if this helps you out.

The way to "read a caterpillar" is: the smaller the brownish-red bands are the harsher the winter will be. The black stripes indicate snowy and cold weather while the brownish-red bands indicate periods of milder weather. A black band followed by a wide brownish red band and another black band indicates that winter will start off cold but will be mostly mild before ending cold.

But what about the forecasting accuracy of woolly worms? It is claimed that over the last 30 years, 85% of the time they have been either all or mostly right.The woolly worm takes center stage on predictions for what kind of winter we will have however other creatures are also given the power of weather prediction. Here are some common sayings:

Any butterfly flying in one's face is a sign of immediate cold weather to some; others specify that a yellow butterfly flying in one's face indicates sufficient frost within ten days to turn the leaves the color of the butterfly.


"Seeing caterpillars late in the fall predicts a mild winter."

"When hornets build nests near the ground a harsh winter is expected."



I think everyone knew about wolly worms being able to forecast however some of these others I myself had never heard about! I can say that I will be watching Nature a lot closer now. :)


Oak, lets take a look at what we have in store today. I know I was talking about rain in the forecast for Friday however is that still holding true at this time? Well, lets take a look and find out!


Today we will look for some Partly cloudy skies to start the day into the early evening however as we head into the late evening we will see the clouds slowly start to thicken up with some rain / thundershowers moving in later on tonight into Friday. Whats the cause of all this rain? Let's take a look below.This is an image for Later on tonight into Friday. You see we will have another frontal system move through the area bringing this line of rain / thundershowers. Right now I can tell you that I'M not expecting to see any strong to severe thunderstorms in our area with this system. Still I will continue to keep a close watch on things as they continue to develop. Right now between later on tonight into Friday I look for rainfall between a quarter and a half inch with a few locally higher amounts possible in areas. And I will check back again later on tonight with another update if needed.

Now we can expect to see highs today around 66* degrees with calm winds between 5 and 10 mph. Tonight expect lows around 40* degrees.

Friday we will see rain showers through out much of the day. Highs will be in the low 60s around 62* degrees and lows in the upper 40s to low 50s around 51* degrees. Winds will be between 10 and 20 mph. I still cannot rule out a few hit and miss scattered left over showers on Saturday to start our weekend. Still around a 30% chance at this time. Rainfall will not be over a Tenth inch.

I will have more on your weekend outlook posted soon. For now I'M going to go get some rest and I will check back in with another update on the rain to come as needed. Have a wonderful day bloggers..... And Happy October!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE October! It is my fave month of the year--almost, lOL. Tis my b'day month but I think I like it best for the crisp temps and beautiful colors of fall.

That said, I had a low of 36* this morning! Don't see any frost where I live but outlying areas surely have some frost.

Have a good one and watch for the rain to come in, which according to radar is piled up in western IL headed this way.

Thanks, Jusin for the great service you do for us!


Anonymous said...

Hi Justin and my fellow blogger's this is Becky from Monticello,, iam right with you on the fall.. i love the fall months as well as the winter months,everything looks so pretty and the smell of burning leaves, is something that i look forward to every year... iam still needing decent weather for saturday for a birthday party being held outside.....