Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rain Have Made It Into Our Viewing Area...

As you can see in the radar image above taken at 3:25pm EDT that we are seeing this rain in the WLFI viewing area. It did come in around two hours to early however rainfall amounts are still looking the same as well as expected severe risks! I still expect to see most areas pick up rainfall between a quarter and a half inch with a few locally higher amounts in areas closer to three quarters of an inch possible like we talked about earlier this morning. Now as for anything strong to severe! Well, I look for that to stay to the south of us! (Way south) We will however see these showers go off and on into tonight.


What we need to worry about is just this chilly cool rain! Stay dry and stay well! No one needs to be out and get sick. Take a jacket with you if your heading out along with your umbrella. Lafayette, is currently up to 0.20" inches of rain at this time. I will have more rainfall totals posted on here later.


I will check back if needed or if any major changes come! Until then keep dry and enjoy this Autumn day! Now this is the way I like to start October. :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Justin, was a chilly rain indeed. Now the sun is trying to come out, and temp is 58*


Janeloves2write said...

Hi Justin,
I was made aware of your talent thanks to the J&C. Keep up the great work. Is storm chasing in your future?

Anonymous said...

Gee that lightnng is very vivid, very close!

Anonymous said...

(written Fri morning)

The donut hole over my area (and yours probably) finally closed in!!! I recorded exactly ONE INCH of beautiful rain!! It was a soaker, too. So thankful for this rain! Farmers may not have wanted it though. Temp is 45* this morning under clear skies. Have a good day!