Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If The Models Are Right?!?!

Okay bloggers, I have some weather model data to talk to you all about. Here are some Forecast weather models below and what they mean.

Lifted Index is expected to fall to or around -3. Anything around -4 is pretty unstable and allows severe thunderstorm development!

Total Totals models are expected to rise to or around 53, Which means Scattered Heavy Storms.

SWEAT models are expected to rise to or around 350, which anything at 300 or above means we have severe thunderstorm potential.

EHI is expected to be around 1, which it usually needs to be around 1 to 2 for thunderstorm development.

And we are looking at an 80% chance for thunderstorms this evening / tonight.

So after looking at these models and where they're expected to be later on this evening I'm going ahead and telling you that if this indeed happens then we will have some strong weather to track this evening / tonight. The sun has been out for the past half hour / 45 minutes or so which isn't helping any. The dew points are even going up as I type! All we can do for now is continue to watch the radars and data and keep each other updated!

This could be a long evening if the models are right!

Stay Tuned......


Anonymous said...

Justin can I ask what models you go by to determine this stuff? I'm just curious to check them out and learn more. Its really interesting!

Brow said...

Blah! Glad this is the last push for awhile.

Justin, do you think that it will mostly be south of us?