Sunday, December 12, 2010

17" Inch Snow Drifts Already!!

Well, I just got back inside from shoveling the path for the dogs! Small dogs don't like the snow lol. Also checked the current snowfall total. Lafayette, currently has around 2.0" inches. However with all the high winds blowing the snow has caused for some high snow drifts! That small 2" Inches has drifted up anywhere between 10" and 17" Inches! Yes, I have recorded 10" and 17" Inch snow drifts! Amazing!
You can see that most of the snow is trying to push east at this time. However we are still seeing some Lake Effect snow band that are still effecting some of our northern counties. Take a look below.This image was taken at 10:58pm EST...

You can see that band I'm talking about above. Some heavy snow in this band indeed. You can expect higher amounts then the 1" to 3" if your anywhere in these areas!

So the snow drifts hasn't been the only thing I have been recording. Wind chills already around 0* degrees in Lafayette. The winds will continue with occasional gusts to around 35 mph through out tonight into early tomorrow afternoon before starting to slow down a bit. However still gusting to 25 mph. Tomorrow we will see highs around 16* degrees with lows around 5* degrees. However we will be looking at daytime wind chills around -5* degrees at least. And night time wind chills around -20* degrees below! So this polar storm is far from over!

Again roads will be slick in the morning! Please allow extra time! And TAKE IT SLOW If you do have to go out!

Stay safe bloggers. I'll have your final snowfall totals posted tomorrow! So check back!

God Bless.

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