Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dangerous Roads!

Here is just one of many hazardous road reports in the WLFI viewing area. Driving conditions are hazardous. Details Below...

Between N County Road 500 E and S 920 W (2 to 6 miles west of Russiaville). Hazardous driving conditions. Look out for snow on the roadway. Be prepared for heavy snow. Expect strong winds. Until tomorrow at about 6:07PM EST.

You can see some of the heavier snow in the WLFI viewing area on my Local Radar above. This image was taken at 7:20pm EST. We still have snow behind these heavier bands. However it doesn't show up on this radar. Take a look at the national radar below.
Image Taken At 7:25pm EST.

You can see the scattered snow showers still to come from our northwest.

I'll check back if needed.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Justin..the snow is coming down petty good, and the blowing is wild!