Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blowing Snow Video! Just Taken!!

Current Wind Reports..........

Lafayette, Is seeing steady winds at 15 mph, Gusting to 35 Mph.

Remington, had a peak gusts today so far to 31 Mph, Current winds to 23 Mph.

Kokomo, Had a peak gust today of 33 Mph, Currently seeing winds to 21 Mph.

And up far north in South Bend, They had a peak Gust so far of 37 Mph.

I'll check back if needed.....

Updated As Of 6:47pm EST.


You know me bloggers! I had to get out in this snow and take Pictures or video!! I LOVE THIS WEATHER! I took some video by a street light to try and show everyone who is at home just how much this snow is blowing in the wind! It is amazing! You can't look up at the night sky without seeing snow blowing so much that it looks like smoke! Take a look.

Video Taken In Lafayette.

This is why I say visibility is going to get lower and lower as the night goes on! Again if you can stay home please do!!! I'll check back if needed.

God Bless!

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