Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First The Calm, Second Round Of Snow On The Way!

Things are very calm across the area at this time. Winds have calmed way down to 5 - 10 mph in Lafayette, with light sleet to cloudy skies. The low pressure system is pretty much over head. Kind of like the eye of the storm! Nice and calm. You can see the Low pressure system in this radar image below.This image was taken at 12:30am EST.....

You can see the dry slot over much of the state at this time as the low pressure makes its way over the area. This is the break we talked about in the last post. More snow will move in on the back side of this storm. And we will be all snow across the viewing area! You see all that blue in the map above. This is going to wrap around and move across the viewing area giving us the rest of our expected snowfall. Morning travel will be dangerous! With heavy snow at times and blowing in winds gusting between 35 and 40 mph! Slightly higher wind gust the more north you go. Expected low visibility! And SLICK snow covered roads! If you don't have to go out then please STAY HOME. There are so many county travel warnings out around the area. Here's the map and link below. Be sure to check this out!
All that RED above is a travel WARNING! Which means travel is restricted to emergency personnel ONLY! You are not to go out unless it's really necessary!

All the Orange is travel watches! Which means Conditions are threatening to the safety of the public! Only essential travel is recommended. As in to and from work, or Emergency situations.

All the rest of the details you can find at the above link.

We do still have many without power in areas of Montgomery, county at this time. This is do to the gusty winds and ice accumulation.You can see as of 12:30am EST around 547 power outages across Montgomery, county. Tippecanoe, as started to get power back across the area. As you can see only around 71 still without power. But getting better!

I recorded 4.5" inches of sleet / snow in Lafayette, with an 11" inch snow drift! Fort Wayne, at 11:pm EST had 3.5" inches of snow with winds gusting to 57 mph recorded up there! WOW!

Starke, county has recorded 4 foot snow drifts across the area! And so far areas to our east in IL, has seen over a foot of snow! With more on the way. Also Thunder snow up around Chicago!! Lots of Lightning and thunder! Just unbelievable! So get ready bloggers cause the second round of snow is on the way! I'll check back as needed.

God Bless! And Stay Safe.

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