Thursday, May 5, 2011

Scattered Showers Tonight But No Frost To Worry About!

Well, last night I recorded a low in the Lafayette, area of 36* degrees. So I do hope you all covered your plants if you couldn't bring them inside! It was much better to be safe then sorry that's for sure.

Also last night we talked about some possible rain showers moving our way by tonight. And that's holding true! Take a look at this latest radar image below.
This image was taken at 6:41pm EST.....

You can see that scattered rainy mess developing along that cold front just to our west moving closer to the WLFI viewing area. Good news however with there still being flood watches in effect, is we're not looking for much out of this system. I'm currently still forecasting rainfall between .25" and .30" inches. Also frost won't be an issue tongiht as I expect a low around 47* degrees! Much warmer then last night.

Tomorrow (Friday) there is also a slight 20% chance of a few spotty hit and miss scattered showers in the area however again this is a low chance. And any rainfall would be really light. "Less then a quarter or maybe even less then a tenth inch". Otherwise I look for mostly cloudy skies Friday with a few quick peaks for sun here and there not out of the question.

That's it for this quick cast update. I'll check back real soon with a look at your Mothers Day forecast! So be sure to stay tuned to JIWB.

God Bless!

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