Monday, November 12, 2012

Snow reports! Cold air moving in.

I'm pleased to say that JIWB was on top of this system. Timing, rainfall amounts, snow accumulation, I have all your final totals and weather reports from around the area right here ready for you all. This system took awhile to move into the area last night as expected. However now that it has passed through we will start to see all the colder air plunge into the state.
Above is a look at the local radar image from earlier this morning. You can see that snow / wintry mix making its way through Lafayette, and the near by cities. Along with all that colder air to the west. So just how much rainfall and snowfall did we see? Well most areas picked up between .50" and .75" inches of rain however one rainfall total really sticks out in this chart below.
Yes, Indianapolis, actually picked up a total rainfall of .91" inches. Just under one inch of rain last night. No snow reported in the Indianapolis, area however if you head just a little bit north I have a few snow reports from areas such as Lafayette, and Greencastle. Not a lot of snow however a nice dusting, enough to get you ready for winter! I have a few pictures for you all below.
This picture was taken out of the Wolcott, Indiana area. You can see just a light dusting of snow covered the mailbox.
This next photo was taken out of the Oxford, Indiana area early this morning. A good picture showing the light snow blowing in the wind covering the deck and chairs. This really shows the kind of night it was.
We didn't have enough snow to cover any of the pavement or neighborhood roads last night, as well as the ground is still to warm. However some grassy areas and local fields received a light dusting of snow. I even have some snow reports out of Valparaiso, and Rensselaer.
Now that this system has made its way to our east, we will start watching the much colder air move into the area. We're watching the temperature slowly fall today as the day continues. Just five hours ago we were at a temperature of 42.6* degrees, and have already fallen to a current temperature of 39.2* degrees in the Lafayette, area. I'm expecting a low tonight around 25* degrees. Get the hot cocoa ready and turn the heater on!
We will be looking for highs in the 40s and 50s for the rest of the week, with lows in the middle to upper 20s and 30s. That's it for now weather bloggers. I'll check back with a sneak peak into your thanksgiving day forecast very soon.
Have a great day!

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