Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wind advisory in effect with snow in the forecast.

That's right, we have another wind advisory in effect for the area until 9:pm EST this evening. we will be tracking winds today between 30 and 35 mph gusting between 38 and 40 mph at times. Any loose objects left outside could be blown away. Winds this high could make driving on open roads difficult. Allow extra time and be careful.
This strong cold front just out to our west is what we are tracking today and we will continue tracking it into Monday. Lots of strong winds with this system along with a lot colder air on the back side! We will see some heavy rain showers and maybe even a few snow showers on the back side of this front. Some models are showing some rain trying to change over as that cold air plunges into the state. Take a look at the Bufkit model below.
In my last blog update I posted a Bufkit model showing a few blue bars. However this time snow is looking even more likely! Now don't get ahead of me, I don't see any real snow accumulation out of this event, however flakes will fly! It's looking like rain to start things in the early early morning of Monday, Then turning into a rain snow mix around 6:am trying to change over to all snow after 7:am EST. As for what we could wake up to?
Maybe a few snowy cars in the parking lot / driveway. Not looking like anything big this time around. You may have to dust off the cars or door step but that's just about it. The ground is simply still to warm and it will be really wet after we pick up a possible half inch or more of rainfall prior to the snow showers. Still it's a taste of winter for all the snow and cold weather lovers out there! I'm excited.
Here's your weather break down below.
TONIGHT- we have that wind advisory in effect until 9:pm EST. We will see winds between 25 and 35 mph gusting to 38 - 40 mph at times. Cloudy skies with rain showers moving in later on. A thundershower cannot be ruled out this evening. Main rain event will be after 1:am Monday. Expect a low tonight around 39* degrees.
MONDAY- we will see rain showers in the area early early Monday morning. Rain becoming a mix between 5:am and 6:am trying to become all snow after 7:am EST. Total precipitation between Sunday night and Monday will be between .25" and .75" inches. Little to no snow accumulation expected. Maybe a dusting on cars. Skies will start to clear out as the day continues becoming partly cloudy. High around 42* degrees and falling through out the day. Low Monday night around 25* degrees. Winds between 10 and 15 mph gusting to 20 mph.
TUESDAY- expect partly cloudy skies across the area with a high around 44* degrees. Low Tuesday night around 26* degrees. Winds light between 3 and 5 mph.
Yes Monday night is looking like the coldest night we've had so far this season! Get the hot cocoa out and warm blankets ready.
This radar image was taken at 12:53pm EST. You can see that line of rain showers we're tracking just to the west of IL. This is what will move through the area later on this evening / tonight. Just look at all that colder air to the west of this cold front. This is the cold air that will plunge into the midwest as we head into the overnight hours.
So main threats tonight and Monday will be, gusty winds, heavy rain, slick rain snow mix in the morning hours, and cold temperatures Monday night. That's it for now bloggers. If you have any weather related pictures be sure to send them or post them to me on the JIWB facebook page. Link is on the side bar of this blog. I'd love to share your weather photos on the blog. Have a great Sunday!

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